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Contour Ring ForgingContoured Inconel 625 Seamless Rolled Ring

Seamless Rolled Rings

Seamless rolled ring forging usually begins by punching a hole in a thick, round piece of billet. The piece is then rolled and squeezed (or sometimes pounded) into a thin ring. The seamless rolled ring forging process orients the grain flow circumferentially, which provides great resistance to fatigue and impact. Our seamless rolled rings can be produced in configurations ranging from flat, washer-like parts to tall, cylindrical shapes.

Contour Rolled Rings

Often, the unique geometries of today’s advanced components mean a traditional rectangular cross sectional forging would yield unacceptable amounts of scrap loss and increased machining time. Through advances in forging techniques and the technology of tooling design, Contour (or Near-net-shape) rolled rings, can offer not only a technical advantage but also a cost advantage. This forging process offers the benefits of forged material and also yields an end product that requires fewer machining operations, reduced weight and lower costs for raw materials.