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Quality Metal Forging since 1969

Mattco Forge was founded in 1969 by Matt Minguez, in a 2400-square Quality Metal Forgingfoot facility in Paramount CA. Initially focusing on open-die, close-die and upset forgings of aluminum components, Mattco quickly earned a reputation as a quality supplier to many of the US’s leading aircraft manufacturers.

By the mid-1990’s, Mattco Forge’s potential as an industry leader led to interest from a small group of investors who purchased Mattco in 1998. This investment group brought decades of operations, financial, and corporate development experience to Mattco and they quickly set out on a number of improvement projects to expand Mattco’s capacity, capabilities and product offerings. These expansion projects included retrofitting the existing furnace capacity to high velocity furnaces and adding titanium and superalloys to the materials being processed at Mattco.

Throughout the 2000’s, Mattco continued to add capacity and improve efficiencies; including the addition of computer controlled ring mills and additional forge presses, continued process improvement programs, facility expansion and the integration of an automated factory management system. Mattco also expanded their value engineering offerings with the addition of a dedicated engineering staff and the roll out of several new modeling tools. These improvements allowed Mattco to expand market reach outside the traditional aircraft industry and begin providing quality forged components for the transportation, power generation and oil & gas industries. In 2008, Mattco expanded their facility size again with the addition of state of the art office & warehousing space.

With a constant eye on the future, today’ Mattco Forge Inc. continues to look for new and innovative ways to offer quality forged products, to the world’s leading aerospace, defense, transportation, power generation and oil & gas OEMs.